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Ilaria Madama

IMG 5539Ilaria Madama, PhD. She is Assistant Professor at the Department of Social and Political Sciences, University of Milan. Her research interests focus on comparative welfare state research and in particular on social inclusion and labour market policies. Among her recent publications: "Understanding convergence and divergence: old and new cleavages in the politics of minimum income schemes in Italy and Poland” (with M. Jessoula, J. Kubisa, M. Zielenska, in Journal of International and Comparative Social Policy, 30:2, 2014); “Beyond continuity? Italian social assistance policies between institutional opportunities and agency” (in International Journal of Social Welfare, vol. 22/1, 2013 ); “Selective Flexicurity' in Segmented Labour Markets : the Case of Italian 'Mid-Siders' (with. M. Jessoula and P. Graziano, in Journal of Social Policy, vol. 39/4, 2010), and the volume “Social assistance policy” (in Italian, “Le politiche di assistenza sociale”, Il Mulino, 2010).


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