Monday, 21 March 2016 15:46

EUVisions is online

The REScEU team is delighted to introduce you to EuVisions, a new online observatory and

data collection project on social Europe that has recently been launched as part of

my ERC-funded project REScEU(Reconciling Economic and Social Europe).

We invite you to log into the EuVisions website, where you will be able to

read an already wide array of articles and briefings from our observatory, and have

a first look at the methodological setup of our data section, which will be phased

in during the next few months.

We also invite you to subscribe to the EuVisions newsletter, containing the

latest news and analyses in the area of social Europe, and to follow EuVisions on

its Facebook and Twitter pages.

Finally, if you wish to be updated on the progresses of REScEU, you can subscribe to

the RSS feeds you find on this website. 

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