in Europa nonostante tutto. Ed: M. Ferrera with P. Marchetti i A. Calabrò, A. Martinelli, A. Padoa Schioppa, La nave di Teseo, Milano, 2019  
M. Ferrera, Social policy in the European Union: state of play 2018, pp. 17-33
Edited by Maurizio Ferrera and Rainer Bauböck, EUI Working Paper RSCAS 2017/60
M. Ferrera, in F. Vandenbroucke (ed.), A Social Union after the Crisis, Cambridge: Cambridge University press, 2017    
M. Ferrera, In: W. van Oorschot, H. Peeters, C. Boos (eds), Invisible social security revisited: Essays in honour of Jos Berghman, Tielt, Belgium. Lannoo Publishers. pp. 145-160.   ABSTRACT For at least two decades, European countries have been earnestly striving to reform their social models, tailored on increasingly surpassed economic and socio-demographic structures. This effort has been guided by a number of common principles, many of them developed by the European Union: sustainability and efficiency, flexicurity, inclusion, social protection as a "productive factor", new partnerships between private and public actors, social investment, social innovation.  Almost all EU countries have had a hand in their pension systems in response to demographic challenges and problems of financial sustainability. Labour markets and policies were reformed and some progress has been made ​​in terms of new policies and measures favoring women and children, frail and dependent elderly, the fight against poverty and exclusion [...]   Buy the book 

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