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EuVisions is an observatory aimed at offering up-to-date information and analyses on crucial issues pertaining to the European Social Union (ESU) and the development of the European integration process. It was established as part of the REScEU project and it is based at the Centro di Ricerca e Documentazione “Luigi Einaudi” in Turin. 

Combining academic rigour, the use of infographics and an eye on current events makes EuVisions a unique experiment, which aims to speak to different audiences and to bridge the gap between scholars and laypeople interested in this subject.

Format-wise, we produce two types of contents:

Analyses – brief research notes relating to four main streams social media, political visions, public opinion and policy focus.
Infographics – short data visualizations mainly based on social media or survey data.

Analyses can be clustered into four separate streams:

The Social Media section provides innovative insights into the political attitudes and trends shaping the European Union, as seen through the lenses of social media analysis. EuVisions collects and analyzes data from social networking platforms to offer up to date information and research on political actors and public opinion about events and debates related to the European integration process.

The Political Visions section collects theoretical and philosophical insights into the idea of Social Europe. It offers different perspectives concerning the values that should shape the European Union, providing conceptual and normative tools to assess current European institutions and practices, and to foster European integration.

The Public Opinion section publishes analyses on attitudes towards the EU and the integration process gathered from single-country and cross-national surveys. In particular, the contributions of this section focus on orientations over the most contentious social and political conflicts dividing European voters and EU Member States and preferences towards policies and initiatives strengthening the European Social Union.

The Policy Focus section collects articles meant to inform on the facts, the decisions and the events that shape the social dimension of the European Union. They offer in-depth analyses and interpretations about the developments occurring within the EU political arena and try to identify possibility spaces for the strengthening of the European Social Union.

A part from its independent editorial production, EuVisions delivers contents related to European political debates to a variety of Italian and international media partners. Our dedicated section “In the media” highlights these contents.

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